Caring for your wood furniture

Wood is a natural product and as such knots, grain and small movements within the product are completely normal, adding to the individuality of each piece.

Wood furniture is usually finished with either a lacquer or wax to protect the wood while also letting its natural appearance remain at the fore.

Lacquered Finish

Exceptionally durable, a lacquered finish can be kept looking its best simply by polishing regularly with a clean damp cloth.

Waxed Finish

Over time, wax furniture may fade and become dry, this is completely normal and is not a defect. It can be brought back to life by applying a wax a polish to the manufacturers instructions. Periodic maintenance is essential in keeping your waxed furniture looking fabulous. Please note that applying any wax will by its nature change the finish of the product and that the right colour selection is very important. Furniture polish and other cleaning materials should not be used with a waxed finish.

General Care

Please be aware that any hot items or moisture that come into direct contact with the finish can cause discolouration and damage to wooden furniture, surfaces will need to be protected from any heat or moisture using appropriate placemats and coasters​​​​​. Wherever possible do not position furniture in direct sunlight or next to a direct heat source.