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Alston Upholstery Order Now!

Alston Upholstery Order Now!

We have some great news!

Are you are planning on purchasing a new sofa in the January Sale?

We have introduced the January Sale Price on all Alston Uphostery Sofas through out November and December, giving you the opportunity to order now for only a 30% deposit, and enjoy your sofa at the beginning of next year.

At Alstons they believe strongly in the importance of quality British manufacturing. Their philosophy is quite simple: quality comes first.

All the sofas are made-to-order at a factory in Colchester England by a team of highly skilled craftsmen.

At Blueberry Square, we have been delighted to work with Alstons Sofas for over 15 years, and if you have had an Alston Sofa you know you wouldnt never change! (If you know you know) that is why so many people recommend them to their friends and family!

Call in now to see the ranges available, oh and the fabric choice is beautiful! So many gorgeous ones, but thats why we are here in store to help you! 

Delivery through out the North East of England!



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