Wall Clocks Fashion: How to Choose the Perfect Look

Even since the very first spring driven models as early as the 15th century, the wall clock has never been a device used simply for time-keeping. In the same way that a chest of drawers is rarely chosen just for its storage capabilities, a clock is as much of a fashion statement as it is a timepiece. As an item that hangs at around eye level, a wall clock can easily feature as the focal point of the room it resides in, making it all the more important for it do not only do its job, but to look good doing it. Without looking good it’s an eyesore, but if unable to keep time it becomes an ornament. For this reason, it’s key to have a balance: the clock’s functioning practicality in equal measure to its aesthetic look. You’d be surprised how easily the right clock can lay the foundations for your rooms overall style, while it can also end up being the perfect finishing touch.

It can be important for your wall clock to match up with the style of its surroundings, which is why so many brands offer a wide variety of clock fashions and looks, in order to provide something for everyone. For example, Thomas Kent Clocks’ “Arabic” range features eloquently shaped numbers and hands with a subtle colour palette ranging from the earthy neutral to soft pastel- ideal for a more traditionally themed living space. However, their “Cotswold” range boasts vibrant, bouncy colours and an urban-chic design- perfect for the contemporary styled home. These are just two of Thomas Kent’s numerous themes, while designers such as Newgate and Pacific offer their own unique takes. Newgate is well known for its version on the classic, British station-clock, while Pacific utilises a gorgeous palette of gold, chrome and nickel to create their iconic “skeleton” clocks, named for their minimalist yet glamorous designs.

The Pacific Skeleton Gold Wall Clock is certainly a show-stopper!

From rustic to regal, and everything in-between, a wall clock can so often double up as unique, mechanical wall art for your home. Often play around with different styles can be the best way to discover the look that works best for you!

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Sofa Styles: Find out which brand is our all-time favourite…

Over the years at Blueberry Square, we’ve tried and tested a whole host of unique and exciting ranges. Throughout our cards, gifts, homewares and furniture, we’ve always been keen to experiment, aiming to offer you a really diverse selection of products to choose from. Styles and fashions are always changing, but there are certain brands that we just can’t help returning to time and time again. The best brands are those that can continue to evolve and move with the times, keeping them current no matter the fashion.

For us, there is no finer example of this than Alstons Upholstery, a sofa brand that has been a mainstay at Blueberry Square for as long as we’ve been around. Offering thoughtfully and meticulously crafted sofas to a luxury standard, and at affordable prices, they’re a brand that essentially ticks all the boxes. You only need read the Alstons slogan: “Sofas for Living” to understand what makes them so different to the average sofa manufacturer. You see, Alstons recognise that the sofa is a prime feature of the home, the focal point around which the hustle-and-bustle of family life takes place. Catch ups with friends, nights chilling in front of the telly, those “important” family meetings, they so often take place on the same, trusty sofa. So rather than purely focus on selling the aesthetic look of their product, Alstons also design their sofas to be able withstand all the demands of everyday life.  This is a philosophy that has seen Alstons establish itself as a stalwart of the British sofa industry, a brand renowned for combining unwaveringly high quality with constant reliability.


Of course, it’s easy to question how Alstons consistently supply sofas that can cope with the rough and tumble of daily life, when we each lead completely unique lives as individuals, surely each of our sofa requirements will differ from the rest?  Well fear not, Alstons provide a wide selection of diverse sofa and chair ranges, from the contemporary chic Aviator collection, to the more classically-styled Lowry variety. What’s more, Alstons sofas are fully customisable: body, cushions and feet, they’ll arrive perfectly crafted to your bespoke specifications.

Choose from a wide selection of fabrics and colours, as each range is available in all kinds of patterns and textures, according in its theme. For example, a more traditional range may be available in crushed velvet effect or woolen classic materials, while more urban designs may feature more uncomplicated materials and colours, which can be contrasted with more vibrantly, patterned cushions. Then of course there’s the actual range of items available: from the 2, 3 and 4 seater sofas and “snuggler” chairs to the stunning little ottoman footstools. From couples decorating their first home together, to families looking to update their old sofa- with Alstons there really is something for everyone.

Meanwhile, each one of these gorgeous sofas and chairs comes with a 10 year guarantee on their seat cushions and frames, while the cushions themselves are specially designed using cold-cure foam to prevent sagging or losing their shape over time. These are sofas that are British-made, with each model benefiting from some of the finest craftsmanship in the UK. We’re so pleased to be able to provide our customers with this kind of quality, and we can’t wait to see what new and exciting changes Alstons Upholstery will continue to introduce in years to come.

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How to Decide which Oak Furniture Style is Perfect for You:

Oak furniture has been long-established as a stalwart addition to the British home. Solid, stylish and ever-reliable, for some reason it’s a classic style that we just can’t seem to get enough of. Whether it’s due to its reputation as a symbol of English heritage, or just the fact that it looks so damn good, oak is a look that never seems to go out of fashion. It’s warm, rich colouring mixed with an unwaveringly robust durability, all adds up to an aesthetically pleasing, affordable and versatile range of furniture, one that we go back to time and time again. As I can already feel myself running low on superlatives, let’s just say this. Oak works. It’s a tried and tested formula that’s capable of adding a sense of uncomplicated sophistication to any home- a permanently fashionable style that you can rely on. We as a public love it, and we’re sure to be sticking with oak furniture for years to come.

However, while we’d be very happy to put down roots with our favourite oak pieces, wouldn’t it be interesting to see a change in this classic formula, a hint of something new? Rather than simply sticking with oak as we know it, it’d be exciting to twist, just this once, to see what more we could get.

As it happens, many oak furniture suppliers and manufacturers have this year created a modern alternative to the usual styling. Gone are the time-honoured golden palettes, chunky frames and iron handles of traditional oak, instead replaced with a new-wave of soft, bleached colour tones and lighter, slimmer designs. We are witnessing 2017’s take on a well-established furniture tradition; a contemporary twist on a classic light-wood range.  It’s daring, it’s bold, but *wow* has it been popular. While this new-look oak looks stunning on its own, these changes alone have paved the way for even bigger innovations.

For example, at Blueberry Square, our painted living and dining “Toulouse” Range combines a glossy choice of either white or grey finishes with a pale, solid oak top. Usually reserved for traditionally styled bedrooms, this colour scheme is something you just wouldn’t have seen in a living room a few years back, and is perfect for helping your home stand out from the crowd. The oak top contrasts seamlessly with the white and grey, and just goes to show how diverse oak ranges can be when you allow them to break tradition. The Toulouse Range  really is one of our favourites, and if you’d like to check it out some more here’s a link to our website: http://www.blueberrysquare.com/painted-living–dining-furniture-ranges-58-c.asp.


The Toulouse White-Painted Range

So… you’ve heard both sides, now it’s time to answer the question of which is better: the warm, traditional, classic oak or the sleeker contemporary model. The answer, of course, is entirely down to you. We all have our own personal tastes and styles, and choice of furniture all comes down to our subjective opinions and views. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as they say. If you’re unsure of which oak style to go for, it’s usually best to consider which style would go best with the current look of your room. Do you want to contrast one style or shade with another, or do you want one, overall matching look? If you’re furnishing a room from scratch, then oak furniture can be an excellent foundation from which to craft the rest of the room around.

Classic oak could be considered a real part of the English tradition, a much loved, staple feature in our homes, past, present and continuing on into the future. Inevitably, newer, contemporary styles will continue to offer alternatives to traditional oak that can equally spruce up your home in a new and unique way. Whichever style you choose, we can surely agree that using oak furniture of any kind is a great way to add character and personality to any home. What kind of effect you go for is entirely up to you!

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Why Grey can work wonders in your home (but should never be the star of the show)

When googling a definition for the colour “grey”, I was met with the expected  “intermediate between black and white” description, but I also discovered a new word which I’ve decided I really like. Apparently grey as a colour is “achromatic”, meaning: “a colour without colour”- which could be misconceived as implying that pigment-wise grey is pretty dull, or maybe even bland.

In terms of interiors, however, this idea couldn’t be further from the truth. Grey can be used as a vital component in showing off your personal tastes and character within your home- just not by itself. It is when combined and contrasted with your choice of colours and styles that grey really comes into its own. There are so many different blends and (literally) shades of grey that it does rather feel like a colour in it’s own, unique right. From argent to ash, slate to charcoal, grey has taken on the mantel of cream as the new go-to look for the modern home. Meanwhile,  the Farrow & Ball shade of “Elephants Breath”, a warm, mid-grey with a touch of magenta, is particularly fashionable at the moment as a choice of wall paint. Easily accessible for living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms alike, Elephant’s Breath is held in high-esteem for its versatility, working equally well in rooms themed as contemporary, traditional and so on. It is these shades that, when painted on your walls, become the foundations for you, the homeowner, to shape your room into whatever you choose it to be.

grey blog image

The mistake some people make is that they choose to fill their rooms with solely greys or creams, which can render the space somewhat bland. When grey is described as “achromatic”, as a colour without colour, it is not depicted as the star of the show, or the center of attention, and rightly so- it shouldn’t be! Rather, grey has been elevated to the starting point for the home of today, the blank canvas upon which further intricacies, details and character must be added. Whether you choose to combine your Elephant Breath walls with soft pastel furnishing, or you choose more of a vibrantly coloured palette, what works so well with both of these looks is that they will always contrast with your grey walls. Like black words written on white paper, this difference allows for the more personalized and unique features of the room to take prominence, and the starkness of this contrast can be totally up to your personal taste.

So feel free to stand out from crowd. In a world decorated with Fifty Shades of Grey, throw in a splash of colour!


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